Tuesday, 8 May 2012

A job is still a job even in medicine

Finally, the province of Ontario is belling the cat.
Health Minister Deb Matthews has finally mustered the courage to tell our doctors that they'll have to settle for Subarus instead of Cadillacs this year. Like the rest of our public servants, they won't be getting a raise.
Teachers are getting the same message, and worse. Austerity is what all governments -- except the Western provinces -- are selling and our professionals had better get used to it.
Many other public servants are having to tighten their belts because of the economic downturn. Why should doctors and teachers be immune?
Can you believe how outraged they are?
Blustery, even.
It's our own fault. We've put them on pedestals, caved to all their demands.
Now we've smartened up. We're saying there's no more money in the coffers so they're going to have to take a pay cut.
Doctors don't like it one bit.
They've been coddled for too long. Now it's time for doctors to take the bus like the rest of us.
As a taxpayer, I can't feel sorry for them.
They may be doctors but they are still government employees.
If they wanted to get rich, they should have tried real estate and parking lots.
Oh, wait. A lot of them are making extra moola because they own their own buildings and collect exhorbitant parking fees from seniors.
Hey doc, if you can't live on $400k, that's your problem. And teach, get a second job. That's what other people have to do.
The OMA is warning that these austerity measures will mean that doctors will leave the province in droves, for sunnier climes like Calgary. Or Regina.
Yeah, right.
That ain't happening.
Doctors like to live nice cities. They like the amenities.
Despite being offered an extra $50k a year, it's almost impossible to get doctors to live in the boonies unless they are from the boonies or come from some shit hole country.
Will they decamp for the States?
Have at it!
There's a lot of competition in the United States. My own family doctor -- the Worst Family Doctor in Ontario -- tried life below the parallel and he came back. It's just not the same.
Now we may lose some specialists but that will leave more room for the newer doctors who, after they get used to the economic readjustment, will be happy to take their places.
A job is still a job, even in medicine.
As for the rest of them, they can continue to supplement their incomes selling Botox and vein surgery to bored housewives.
Be not afraid, Ontarians.
Your doctor is not going to rip up roots, close her carefully honed practice and leave for Thompson, Manitoba any time soon.
You can take that to the bank.

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