Wednesday, 16 May 2012

I am a bad swallower. Beware!

Today is Swallowing Awareness Day.
No, not a day to be aware of swallows.
A day to be aware of swallowing.
I, myself, am a bad swallower. Scott can attest to this.
There seems to be a spot in the middle of my esophagus that is very sensitive to certain foods and drinks. If I'm not careful, I end up hacking up a lung or puking out an entire meal.
I am not making this up.
My condition has worsened since Dr. Ben put my on blood pressure medication that gives me a chronic, dry cough. As a result, I have to wear a diaper. And I have become a social pariah.
Yesterday, I was parked, just about to go into the gym, and it started, that little tickle just under my right boob, inside. This tickle fills me with dread.
Frantically, I searched my purse for a cough drop.
In vain.
I took a swallow from my water bottle, opened the door and puke it right up.
In the parking lot.
Fortunately, there were no people walking by.
It would be hard to explain.
Dr. Ben has taken me off this medication and switched me to something else, but the pharmacist warned me that it could be weeks before the cough goes away. And I've already had it for three months!
So if you see me coming today and I'm drinking something, keep your distance.
I am a bad swallower.

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  1. I've been a bad swallower for a few years. You are not alone! My problem is food backing up. If I don't have water/wine to push it down it can come right back up... in public. Always have water; small bites; much chewing is my mantra. We had a friend with the same problem. He taught me how to manage it and, so far, I'm doing 99% better!