Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Facebook or Faceplant?

I can't help feeling a little bit of smug satisfaction at the plight of Facebook which is currently getting creamed in its offering to the public.
Like most have nots, I'm always delighted to see the mighty fall, the Masters of the Universe take a faceplant in a pile of dung. It's been a hard week for the social networking site which is watching its stock and image go into free fall. Over at Kodak, with the loss of its patent case against Apple, et al, I'm sure they're feeling about the same.
The chemical giant is going the way of the do-do bird.
And Facebook, once a media darling has become the stinky kid.
I don't know a lot about the stock market, but I know a couple of things about people. Some people are arrogant materialistic bastards who buy stocks, then day trade them without any commitment to the company. But most folks still buy into companies because they believe in them.
And not many people are believing in Facebook these days.
I don't know anyone, not anyone, who uses Facebook who likes Facebook.
Part of the problem is that people feel very proprietary about Facebook; they think it's theirs when it's never been theirs. They post pictures, share stories and confessionals, make phantom friends and playing farming games, and don't like to be reminded that Facebook is a business and people's information is their stock and trade. Why, J. Edgar Hoover would have soiled himself at the thought of getting that much information from people voluntarily.
The biggest issue confronting Facebook has always been how to make as much money as possible off of people and their good intentions. So they run ads -- and Facebookers hate them and catterwaul against them. They boldly sell access which sends grannies everywhere screaming.
They screw with the privacy settings.
In other words, Facebook is nobody's friend.
You can't trust Facebook. Just like the Winklevosses and assorted gal pals couldn't trust Mark Zuckerberg. Didn't help that he was gleefully portrayed in the Social Network as some kind of techno Beelzebub out to deflower every virgin in the land and defrock every priest.
So who's going to buy stock in the company?
Only the daytraders who got screwed over the weekend.
The good people are wary of Facebook, or Facefuck as one of my more cynical friends calls it.
They'd rather buy RIM stock.
Oh well, Markie Mark and his pals made their nut.
The hell with everybody else.
So he loses a few bill. So what?
I mean how many hoodies can one man own?
The new investors?
They are screwed and tattooed.
Looks good on them.

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