Saturday, 19 May 2012

Air Miles Blows

Dear Air Miles:

Thank you for embarrassing us at the grocery store.
We were soooo excited that we were able to redeem our Air Miles at Metro, the nearly 3,000 Air Miles I've carefully accumulated at the Liquor Barn, by buying bad Chilean wine. We got to the checkout only to be told that we had no cash miles.
"What do you mean no cash miles?" I asked little Elliott at my neighborhood store as the woman behind us hurrumphed while putting her groceries back into her cart to go to another line.
"Nope," he shrugged.
So our dream trip to Metro turned into a fiasco.
This was a big deal for us.
When you're like me and you don't get paid for nearly three months because you work at a magazine that pays on publication every other month, sometimes you have to live on fumes. We'd allotted our remaining funds to go to a wedding tonight and expected to be able to buy our groceries on our Air Miles account.
We had to scramble. Our food went on our credit card instead.
What galls me is that each of the helpful employees at the Metro store was wearing an Air Miles t-shirt promoting this deal we didn't get.
Air Miles blows.
As I was leaving the store, I asked at the courtesy desk.
Apparently, the 3,000 miles we've accumulated already are no good.
We have to start over.
Tell you what?
Maybe I'll start over with Aeroplan.

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