Friday, 13 April 2012

Thomas Mulcair has no friends. So he had to hire this guy

Look at me. I am the NDP's target audience.

I am a lapsed Liberal, a disillusioned centrist lifer who is looking for change.

Demographically speaking, I would be a good catch. I am a middle-aged woman with a heart of gold, a person who is concerned that the Tories are ripping away our social fibre and changing the country I cherish.

I am a mother and a grandmother. The ad would read: "average Canadian looking for a new political home".

But the Liberals do not appear to be an option anymore.

Despite having a wonderful MP in my riding -- David McGuinty, not his smarmy brother -- I do not want to vote Liberal because I could not, would not, vote for Bob Rae under any circumstances.

I don't think I'm alone here.

So I was anxious to see Tom Mulcair perform in his first national commercial, speaking to the great unwashed, to real Canadians about their concerns.

This is what I saw yesterday.

Wow. What a slick commercial.

Loveable Canadians all sharing my vision and hopes for the future.

But then I saw this guy.

That's Larry Mannell, the last real Canadian talking about how Mulcair is going to wipe the floor with Stephen Harper.

I went to high school with Larry Mannell.

I saw him at the Stratford Festival in Guys and Dolls.

He's been on a Swiss Chalet commercial. I think he was on Kids in the Hall once.

And in Hairspray.

Larry's a union man, alrighty. A card carrying member of ACTRA, the actor's union once run by Brian Topp.

So much for Tom Mulcair's ordinary touch.

It seems he has no friends, so he had to buy them.

I liked the NDP when it was a party of the people.

When it was Jack's party.

When it could get testimonials from ordinary folks.

Now the NDP hires actors.

With that, prick, the bubble bursts.

I am a cynical lapsed Liberal, undecided once again.

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