Saturday, 7 April 2012

#BeAnOrganDonor: You know you want to

Days like this are for humility.
While many people were carving up hams or painting Easter eggs yesterday, Helene Campbell was finally getting a pair.
A pair of lungs, that is.
It's hard to imagine what it must be like for anyone, let alone a 20-year-old, to be sitting in the hospital dying, helpless, knowing that the only way she will live another month would be if someone else tragically lost their own life's battle.
When the news finally came that Helene had a lung donor, she must have felt like she was sitting on Holy ground.
She must have been having her own conversations with Jesus.
Imagine getting the news.
A person cannot help but be grateful for one of life's strangest miracles.
We're all hoping that Helene will not have to go down this road another time. Transplants don't always work. Sometimes it takes two.
But this little girl is strong. She has become one of God's warrior, sitting in her little hospital room in Toronto asking the impossible of grieving families. To let their loved ones go and to find comfort in the knowledge that with a death sometimes comes the gift of life.
God Bless the donor. God bless Helene for carrying the torch.
Let's all say a little prayer.
There but for the grace of God go we.
Sign your donor card. Come on, you know you want to.

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