Thursday, 26 April 2012

Rogers: Throwing good money after bad service

I simply cannot wait for deregulation in the cable, Internet and telephone industries.
The conglomerates that now run those utilities are cruel, cruel masters who only exist to rip off the poor Canadian ratepayer. They bill for services they can't explain and then they expect us to salute and say: "Yes, sir, Mr. Rogers! Damned straight, Mr. Shaw! Derned tootin', Ma Bell!"
I say it's time we started screwing them instead of them screwing us.
Last year, we moved and we finally tossed Ma Bell to the curb. We switced our phones to Fido and we bundled all our other services with Rogers, thinking it would be easier. A few months ago, we got two phones for Nick and Shyla on the Rogers' plan.
Needless to say, we should be considered awesome customers.
Apparently not.
This month, we got a little behind on our Rogers bill -- a couple of weeks, max -- due to the extraordinary amount of moolah we had to shell out to the veterinarian to kill two dogs and extract the teeth of another.
My bad.
So what did Rogers do?
They cut off our cell phones and limited our cable. They wiped clean my personal video recorder and took away our HD.
This used to happen when you were two months behind. Now it's happening before the 30 day mark.
Obviously, kindly old Ted Rogers has been replaced by Lemony Snicket.
It's not bad enough that they claim we owe them, like, nine hundred dollars which is absolutely preposterous.
In fact, we only owe them $389.
Trouble with Rogers is that they expect us to fork over $589 for next month's bill in advance and I have no idea where they got that amount. It changes every month arbitrarily.
In advance, did I say that?
Guess they need to pay for their stupid baseball team.
Or for all those free Xboxes they're giving away to new customers.
It is true, we do use a lot of cable and Internet and phone services. But we certainly don't use nearly six hundred dollars a month.
Last night, Scott called Ma Bell who is, in fact, a very nice metrosexual, as it turns out. He gave us home phone, Internet and premium cable for a hundred bucks a month and threw in a free PVR.
Tomorrow, we will cancel our Rogers and Scott will fight with the passive aggressive accounts person and tell him to stuff his $589 for the services we have not yet received.
We might lose the fight but no point throwing good money after bad service, right?

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