Saturday, 21 April 2012

Renewal of the Puppy Pile

It was a hard decision, but we've decided to change vets.
Over the years, we've seen the prices skyrocket. Even for a checkup it's costing us in excess of $300.
That's what we get for having a vet in the Glebe.
But that's not the reason.
We'll be taking our new puppy, Finnegan, in for his shots and puppie checkup on Tuesday -- we're picking him up tomorrow -- and I cannot bear to see that place again. It's too difficult knowing that Ming and Hannah met their maker on the table in the back.
Their pictures are up on the wall and on the digital photo frame.
Hannah when she was four weeks old.
Ming when she was a spry two year old.
Today, they're fertilizer.
I can't look at the vet in the face again.
We've had too many difficult talks.
Too many knowing glances.
Too many tears shed between us.
Time to forget the past and look to the future.
Time for renewal of the Puppy Pile.
Time to celebrate a new life in the house.
And new adventures along the way.

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