Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Puppies are like toilet paper. They're always in shit

Gordie and I survived our first day alone with Finnigan -- barely.
By the time the afternoon was done yesterday, Gordie the pug had taken to hiding behind my chair. As for me, well, I got a pretty good case of tennis elbow trying to distract the little bugger from chewing my expensive leather couch and chairs and using my sandaled foot as a meat toy.
I'm not complaining. He's joyful and not half dead and he makes me laugh.
And you know the saying: Puppies are like toilet paper; they're always in shit.
No I made that up.
I'm pretty sure it will end up as a Columbus famous quote someday.
His best asset is his ability to sleep through the night. His head hits the bed and he's a goner. We actually have to wake him up in the morning.
But I'm going to have to work on his social skills.
Yesterday, he snapped at Nick and Shyla, then Marissa and Jeff. It was curious; I thought he had bonded with Marissa after he puked all over her in the car Sunday.
He's also a humper, which kinda creeps me out. I'm not really used to male dogs, except for Gordie who is a pug and only humped Ming on occasion.
Today is the start of day two. Hoping for the best.
He got a clean bill of health from the new vet today -- at half the cost of the old vet.
And this vet didn't kill him on the way out.

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  1. Our 8-year-old female is a humper... 125 pounds of her. She gets a death grip on a person's leg and they're a goner!