Sunday, 15 April 2012

Playing Zelda: Dungeon diving

So the truth is, I've become addicted to video games.
Well, that's not exactly true.
I'm addicted to Zelda games, the ones with the little guy in a green hat running around looking for a princess who is usually captured by some dark malevolent figure. I remember buying Zelda for Stef when he was about eight; I didn't pay much attention to his gaming and to the creepy dungeons he explored.
He admits that some of these games scared the crap out of him and I didn't even know.
It was Stef who turned me on to Zelda when he bought me my first Nintendo DS for Christmas. It was so weird; I hadn't played video games since the 70s when the Press Club introduced me to Space Invaders and Pacman. I vividly recall spending whole evenings trying to beat Jerry Beauchamp, the master gamer.
I gave up video games when I decided to become an adult, get married and settle down. I took them up again, albeit briefly when Stef and Nick were three and four, then gave them up again when Stef started beating me at Mario Brothers.
It's been more than two decades, and I'm hooked again. But I admit to being a stupid player. I have to use the walkthroughs and I can't beat the bosses. Usually, I call Stef over to do battle with the bugs and the dragons. For the second to last dungeon, I decided to try to beat three witch bitches
by myself.
It took me three days, and I still couldn't beat them.
I asked Shyla's 17-year-old brother, and he beat them in five minutes with only two hearts. Apparently Gabe beat the game on Nintendo 3DS in eleven hours.
It's taken me four months to get to the last dungeon.
So today, I will be dungeon diving once again. Looking for heart containers and potions. Ready to kill the final boss.
Don't worry, Princess. I will save you.
Or get Stef to do it, maybe Gabe.

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