Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Pet Insurance

After incurring more than five grand in vet bills over the last two months, we've decided to take out pet insurance on our new pup, Finnigan.

With three dogs, we could never afford insurance, but now it just make sense. Our new vet, Dr. Dave, suggested it along with harvesting some stem cells from the little guy which is also a little insurance policy on his limbs. That we'll think about.

But insurance for us is a must. We can afford a $250 deductible in case of an emergency but we would be heartbroken if we couldn't afford to get Finn treated if he swallowed one of Skye's toys or broke his leg. It was bad putting down two wonderful older dogs -- we had no choice -- but it would he horrendous to say goodbye to a young dog.

As we get older, we understand that insurance is a must for both humans and dogs. Being self-employed Scott and I don't have extra health insurance and, at the moment, can't really afford it. But for $30 a month, pet insurance is a no brainer.

Must go now. I need ear plugs for the noisy toy.

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