Friday, 20 April 2012

I work for kibble

For the last three days, Gordie has had a hang dog look.
He's not his usual self. He hardly barks or gets into things.
He spends his time sitting by the stove.
Who can blame him?
On Tuesday, we had his pal Ming euthanized. On Tuesday, he got 10 teeth hauled out of his mouth.
Now he's like a little alcoholic: hungry, angry, lonely, tired.
Not to mention the fact that he can't keep his tongue in his mouth anymore.
So he's like a hobo alcoholic.
Next, he'll be sitting in his own urine.
Or take up smoking.
So Scott and I made an executive decision.
We're getting him a pal.
A big, goofy pal who will be adopted on Sunday.
I hope beyond hope Gordie likes the little guy.
More than he likes the baby.
Which is not at all.
We're hoping it's a new beginning.
Losing two dogs in two months is too much to bear for humans.
Imagine being Gordie.

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