Thursday, 5 April 2012

The delusion of Ben Mulroney

UPDATE: Kelly Ripa called Ben Mulroney "Canadian royalty" today. I suppose she was referring to Prince Charles.
If you have absolutely nothing better to do -- including taking out the trash, washing the floor or putting in a meaningful day's work -- it might be worth it to watch Live with Kelly! from Banff, Alberta today.

That's because the son of "Fingers" Mulroney will be cohosting the show today.

You say what?

Yep. Ben Mulroney, the boy who threw away a promising future to become Canada's lame version of Ryan Seacrest, will be in the chair next to Kelly Ripa. Apparently, he will be dishing on what it's like to be the son of Karlheinz Shreiber's bumboy.

Mila, surely, will be attending in a bunny suit.

Be still my Canadian heart.

Here's a scoop, by the way. Gelman lied. The show was actually taped early last week so it's not live at all. So Benji had an opportunity to sit down with the Calgary Herald following his performance to give a frank assessment.

His take?

He might just be good enough to replace Regis Philbin.

Here it is from the boy's mouth himself.

“When Regis left, everybody who sits in a chair and talks to an audience probably thought to themselves ‘What would that be like?’ ” Mulroney says. “But it’s in control of producers, particularly Michael Gelman. He knows the show inside and out and he knows what it needs. If it needs a Canadian in that chair, maybe I will be the one they call.”

This just goes to show how deluded Benji has become.

Canadians hate him so much that he managed to kill off Canadian Idol -- a show that would get top ratings in any other country. And it's pretty clear everybody switches to Seacrest whenever Benji's on the red carpet.

It's not necessarily all his fault. His dad continues to be one of the most reviled of past prime ministers, his legend made even worse after Lyin' Brian sat in front of a House of Commons committee to explain why he took a large package of money to the States and deposited it into a safety deposit box forgetting to tell the Canada Revenue Agency.

Ben was at the committee, front and centre to support the slippery eel -- and that's the ultimate reason Canadians hate him. Because everytime we see him, we think of Lyin' Brian.

But we have other reasons to detest the prime ministerial spawn.

Justin Trudeau went out and got himself elected as a member of Parliament. Alexandre Trudeau went off into war zones to make movies. Ben chose to take a soft landing in a fluffy nest prepared for him at CTV by Brian's pals. 

He wasn't lucky. He wasn't smart. He came in on a parachute.

And now he thinks he's ready for daytime?

Don't think so Benji.

You are not a star. You are just an entertainment groupie on somebody's payroll.

If for any reason Live with Kelly! considers Benji to replace Regis, I hope they focus test him in the country of his birth.

That's if they can get Canadians to actually watch him without switching the dial.

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  1. Liked your writing. So glad you told like it is. A friend who watches daytime saw that show and said BM (apropos initials) took over; ignored Kelly an was completely obnoxious (naturally). I like your point about Canadian Idol. I loved the show but couldn't stomach him.