Monday, 2 April 2012

Adventures in doggy dentistry

We have a hard day coming up.
We have to take the pugs to the vet to have many of their teeth extracted.
Their bad for not flossing.
Dentistry on pugs can be challenging. The last time we took in Ming for a simple cleaning, we got a call mid-surgery to say that all her teeth were falling out. She only has a few in the back left and two fangs in the front, but apparently the back molars are pretty bad. Ditto for Gordie's.
We've been trying to shrug this off not because we are indifferent but because it will be financially painful. We just paid $600 to have Hannah assessed and then, sadly, dispatched and over the last two weeks we've spent over $500 get the pugs their annuals.
And dental, well that's trip to Florida we will never take.
To be perfectly honest, we figured that spending $3,000 on two elderly pugs was not a great investment but Dr. Morgan assured us that the dental surgery would mean they could live another five years each at least. Not fixing them up, however, could mean everything from heart disease to excruciating pain for them and we can't have that.
I love my pugs like my kids. I don't want to see them suffer.
So we borrowed some money from our lovely son whose saving up for a house, and we're letting Dr. Morgan go in and get all those black teeth.
It is what it is.
Once we've paid off the vet bill, I suppose it will be time for us to go to the dentist.
Then we can all be toothless together.

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