Saturday, 17 March 2012

Willy Wonkin' Jason Russell

How brave, George Clooney.

To bring attention to himself -- ah, the cause in the Sudan -- Gorgeous George got himself arrested in Washington, D.C. for daring to cross a police line.

He brought his dad, who was equally arrested.

In another part of America, Jason Russell, the cofounder of Invisible Children who made the viral Kony 2012 video was reportedly detained in San Diego for "being drunk in public and masturbating,"

This according to NBC San Diego.

While these stories are unrelated, there is a theme.

A person can use their celebrity status for good.

Or evil.

George actually risked his life and the crease in his jeans. He could have been hurt. He should have brought his wrestling gal pal Stacey Kiebler, but not our George. He went balls out, figuratively speaking.

Jason went cojones out, literally.

Don't like my movie, wank, wank.

 What gives?

Russell's wife is calling bullshit.

She says Jason was being framed by the haters on the Internet. Says there wasn't any twisting of wienies al fresco. Says he wasn't drunk, either.


It will always be his George Michaels moment.

Clooney did his protesting with style.

He signed a few autographs and the authorities to let him go.

His dad, too.

How couldn't they?

George is a man of principal.

In a related item, did you see that The Descendants is out on Blu Ray? On Demand, too.

We watched it last night, while discussing the sorry state of the Sudan.

Thanks George.

As for Jason Russell, dude get a friggin' publicist.

And a good lawyer.

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