Sunday, 25 March 2012

Tommy Boy Mulcair: Suit up!

I was wondering whether ET Canada would be covering the NDP leadership convention.
After all, politics is show business for ugly people.
I didn't see many celebs among the balding academics and the wildhaired socialists. Only Shirley Douglas, and she's looking a might scary these days.
Jack Layton may indeed have been the last sharp dressed man in the NDP. He and Olivia certainly had style, he in his tiny perfect Harry Rosen suits, she in her lovely linens. Even yesterday, Olivia looked perfectly enchanting in her cable knit yellow sweater.
Nathan Cullen seemed to be the only one, amongst the new guard, who had been to a dress for success seminar. I had hoped that would count for something.
Alas, Nathan won't be cleaning out his Confed office anytime soon.
It was a sad fashion spectacle at the Metro Convention Centre, full of men dressed in ill-fitting suits and women with bed head. Even the commentators looked like they'd been up all night drinking Fire and Ice shooters at the Royal York bar.
Truly, I want to take some tweezers to Chantal Hebert.
You'd think if you were running to be Prime Minister, you'd get yourself to a tailor. You'd think if you were going to be First Lady of Canada, you'd pay a visit to even a reasonably priced salon.
Is it too much for the Canadian public to ask?
Mulcair needs to lose the beard and combover. And he truly needs to hire Harley Pasternak to punch down the dough in his burgeoning middle. And Mrs. Mulcair, really, a little hair and makeup.
It's like she took fashion advice from Zsusanna Zsohar.
If I were to give high fashion marks to anyone, it would be Stephen Lewis. Not only was he well dressed but he has the whitest natural teeth I've ever seen on a white man. I'd love to know his secret.
In any event, for what it's worth I have this to say.
Tommy Boy. Embrace your new role. Play nice with others. Look to Jack for some cues.
And for God's sake get a better suit.

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