Thursday, 15 March 2012

Live with Kelly and Ben Mulroney in Barf, Alberta!

Breaking News.
Live with Kelly will be visiting the lovely Banff, Alberta to do a series of shows the first week of April.
Today, the show announced that Ben Mulroney will be sharing the stage, as co-anchor with Kelly Ripa.
I'm thinking the town should change its name to Barf, Alberta.
Did nobody tell Gelman that everyone in the country, with the exception of the Mulroney family and the suits at CTV, hates Ben Mulroney?
He's the reason that Canadian Idol was cancelled.
Canadian Idol was a good show but it was ruined by Ben Mulroney.
And John Dore.
People don't hate Benny because he's Lyin' Brian's son. Canadians hate him in his own right.
Aside from his creepy Vlad the Impaler looks, Ben is smarmy, oily and creepy. And he's a lawyer.
I don't know why CTV keeps putting him forward like some sort of cub from the Lion King. We can't escape him. He's on ETalk, he's always on Canada AM, he even hosts Canada's red carpet.
Americans think we like him, but we have no say.
That's why I watch Ryan Seacrest.
Maybe they should do a poll. Or a focus group.
I've been dreading the Summer Olympics because there Ben will be in his little track suit, picked out by Mila, with his $300 hair cut complete with frosting.
I like to support my local broadcaster but I find myself switching the station every time I hear Benro's nasally tones.
I'm thinking I'm not alone here.
So why on Earth would the producers of Kelly think we want to see him on an American show? Didn't do your research, Gelman.
Shoulda got Rick Hansen.
Thanks to Benny, I won't be watching Live with Kelly! while I'm on the elliptical at the gym.
Hoping the time shifting is working so I can find Dr. Oz.

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