Saturday, 18 February 2012

Vickileaks is a hero in my books

I want to thank Vickileaks for exposing Vic Toews for what he is.

A first class douche bag.

The guy is getting all up in our faces, telling us that we're on the side of the child pornographers, because we don't support letting the cops read our private correspondence and check out what we put on Facebook.

Mr. High and Mighty. Mr. Moral Centre. Mr. Family Man.

Meanwhile, according to the leaks, Vic the Dick impregnated the babysitter and humiliated his wife of 30 years. Now he's asking for privacy. Accusing the opposition of snooping in his own personal underwear drawer.

Some men think it's okay to be sleazoids, flinging their privates at all comers, while carving out for themselves the moral high ground.

I was married to one of those guys.

It's not okay to hurt the people you love and humiliate them while going to church every Sunday.

And it's not okay for politicians to preach morality to us and then ask for privacy when they commit adultery, buggery and many other sexual atrocities.

Thanks Vickileaks!

You're a hero in my books.

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