Thursday, 16 February 2012

Vic Toews' toddler shield

I have this really disturbing image in my head of Vic Toews talking to reporters using toddlers as a human shield.

You see the government wants to give up your email info to the cops and its reasoning is that this invasion of privacy "will protect children from predators". It's sort of like giving cops the excuse that they can search your car because your back headlight is broken.

While I do have some respect for law enforcement, we also know that cops can be heavy-handed at times and can push the envelop when given a new toy. Remember that poor unarmed Polish fellar who bought the farm after being tasered to death by the RCMP?

If you can't trust cops with a taser gun, how can you possibly trust them with your Facebook photos of your kid peeing, naked on a beach somewhere? Or laying on a bear rug?

I'm not saying you should be posting these photos, but stupidity isn't pedophilia.

Despite what we see on tv, cops don't always get it right.

Poor bastards of color are already getting thrown in jail because they encourage fellow conventioneers to "kill" at a conference. Other folks, guilty of nothing but bad punnery, are being rounded up for  twittering.

Any kind of misunderstanding could land a person on the "watch list" if the Tories give the cops more power than they already have.

All this, and the passive aggressive do-gooders in the Tory caucus cancelled the gun registry in the name of privacy. Not to mention cancelled the long-form Census which is used to show municipalities where to build schools.

Vic Toews is an ass wipe.

He's nobody's friend.

Let's hope the school of sober second thought talks the Tories out of this kind of nonsense.

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