Friday, 17 February 2012

There is no goodbye, just love

It's been eight hours of crying.
I can scarcely believe that the tears keep on flowing.
Eight hours since we got the word that Hannah, my beloved companion, was bleeding internally and could not be saved.
She was our love, our light, our girl at the end of long and horrible days.
For nine years, we tended to every wound. We made her homemade food. We walked her. We loved her.
But we could not spare her this final fate.
She was spirited when we arrived at the vet, barked at a cat and another dog. She happily accompanied the vet tech for blood tests.
And then the death sentence.
I buried my head in my sleeve and sobbed. I hugged my sweet little retriever as she happily was led away. I was too scared to be part of the execution.
I simply didn't want to remember her that way.
Selfish to the end.
She didn't put up a fight. She seemed to agree, it was time to go.
I will love you forever Hannah.
You changed my life.
You taught me how to love unconditionally.
Our lives will never be the same.
But they will be better because of you.
I will carry you in my heart forever, in a chamber reserved only for love and joy of the purest kind.
There is no goodbye; just love.
Rest well, my sweet, sweet girl.

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