Saturday, 4 February 2012

Rogers Cable sucks

I was so pissed off at Rogers yesterday, I nearly hurled my iPhone into the toilet.

We pay a small fortune every month to the heirs of Ted Rogers only to be offered inferior services.

Yesterday was the last straw and I called to complain.

I had set my PVR to record several programs and when I went to watch them, they weren't there. Most of the shows I watch aren't offered on the lame TV OnDemand service, which only carries a limited variety of prime time shows -- and not even all the episodes!

So my recordings were gone forever.

Anyway, what really pissed me off was that we'd taken our PVR back last week for exchange because it was showing everything I recorded in slow motion, and in PINK. This past year, we've had to return our PVRs four times because CISCO doesn't know how to make a PVR that works when you switch channels quickly. Pieces of shit.

So I called Rogers and got the usual run around. Could I unplug it? Maybe it's my cable. Maybe it's my television (which we replaced two months ago). Perhaps I peed on it?

So customer service sent me to technical service, which told me to return it. I said I didn't want to return it, I just wanted a PVR that, for $25 a month, bloody worked. I asked for retention, the people you are supposed to go to when you want to threaten them with switching to another service. I got customer service instead and found myself talking to a snotty kid who basically told me that I was a  hysterical female, and I should calm the fuck down.

He said perhaps the Rogers outlet I got my PVRs from had defective PVRs and I should visit another store! I told him that was ridiculous. I mean, was he actually saying that some stores intentionally carry defective boxes?

I fould feel his disdain for me.

Just take it back and shut your piehole lady, what do you expect for $25? If you don't like our PVRs why don't you go to Future Shop and buy one with a warranty?

I was so mad, I insisted to be transferred to retention. The nice woman there offered us a discount and our OTHER boxes for free for a year. Hmmm. I thought those boxes were free anyway. She called around and found a new PVR at a Rogers store that wasn't made by CISCO and told me I could pick it up today.

So tonight, I have to trundle down the road again, in hopes of finding the one bloody PVR in all of the Rogers chain that works.

Thanks Rogers!

You really know how to stick the service to the customer.

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