Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Leap Day: Losers, mobsters and rappas

I was noodling around the Net looking for famous people who were born on Leap Day.

My husband Scott isn't famous, not famous at all, so I wanted him to be in good company thinking guys like Steve Jobs or Einstein might have been hatched on February 29th.

Alas, Leap Day seems to be for losers, thugs, faux celebs and rappas.

I submit for your consideration.

Jerry, from Parks and Recreation, a guy who can't get any respect, not even from the shoeshine boy.

Dennis Farina, famous for playing mobsters and coppers. And once laying Helen Hunt in a mini-series.

Antonio Sabato. No further explanation needed.

Ja Rule. Whoever that is.

At least Larry David was born on my birthday.

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