Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Heart and Stroke: My death can't wait for your website

During Heart and Stroke Month, I got sucked in by all those Death Can Wait commercials and joined the Heart and Stroke Foundation's Healthy Weight Action Plan website.

The site promised all manner of things. You could monitor your progress on high blood pressure by recording your data, partake in heart healthy meal plans and weight loss programs. The site even had a feature which allowed a person to get emails when they had doctor appointments.

Cool, I thought.

I gave up on this stupid website after three days.

Everytime I recorded my blood pressure, bells and whistles went off, exclamation marks everywhere.

Call you doctor.

Go to the emergency room, stat.

Dudes. I know my blood pressure is high. I just went to the doc to get medication. I don't need you to scare the shit out of me everytime I record my pressure.

I had two doctors appointment, both of which I would have missed because I never got notification from the website.

Also, the site kept flipping me off because it didn't recognize my email and I had to take the bloody questionnaire all over again.

So I bailed.

Today, I received an urgent email from the H&S Foundtion saying that due to popular demand, they had decided to redesign the site.

Oh by the way, all the data on the old site is being tossed, meaning that my three days of hard charting would fly off into the cybersphere.

Know what I say to this?

My death can't wait for your website design.

Bugger off.

I have a notebook.

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