Friday, 10 February 2012

Because of Cuddy, our House is no longer our Home

There is word today that House has been cancelled.

Woe is we.

For years, House was Monday night must-see tv for millions of fans.

My son Nick even  has all the DVDs, which he watches over and over again.

Dr. House made Vicadin a Household name.

His life was a cautionary yet seductive tale about adventures with prescription medication.

He proved some people can't lick addiction, which made the whole thing a lot more real for those of us in the ugly know.

But how we loved to see him squirm and writhe in pain like a rattler.

How we loved to know the man with no scruples.

But House changed and that's why people stopped watching.

I blame Cuddy for his demise.

Once he got her blouse off, he became a simpering wet, a puppy dog in love.

We hated Cuddy and her perky double D's for that.

It's always a woman that takes down a great man, now isn't it?

Because of Cuddy, our House is no longer our Home.

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