Tuesday, 31 January 2012

The X Factor: Who cares what Simon says

That Simon Cowell is a heartless bastard, isn't he?

There's word today that he dumped Steve Jones, Nicole Scherzinger and even his favorite little puffball, Paula Abdul from the judging panel at the Xploit Factor.

Apparently Simon is disappointed with his numbers for the past season, which were roughly half of those from American Idol and the upstart The Voice.

Methinks Simon should blame himself.

First, American audiences are getting tired of the Brit-factor, lame presenters who might work on U.K. television but certainly don't fly on the highly energized American nets. The Brit drone, I like to call it.

Secondly, the show suffers from the hubris of its makers. It isn't a singing competition at all. It is a chance for Cowell and his judges to showcase their fabulous homes and yachts while bickering about who is the best music producer. The contestants get completely lost in the ego.

Third, Cowell knew what he was getting with the flaky Abdul who didn't have the cojones to make decisions when she was required to. Scherzinger wasn't much better, losing all audience respect by throwing contestants to the wolves (fans) to keep her own "face" intact.

Finally, the flash of the show got in the way of the music. It was like taking American Idol and turning it into a Bette Midler, Vegas-style extravaganza complete with skimpily clad dancers and pyrotechnics.

Who knew if any of these contestants could sing?

As a fan, I don't really care what he does with the judges. I don't think it will matter anyway. Unless he sorts out the systemic issues that are taking the show down, it won't fair much better next year.

Not everybody is impressed with what Simon says anymore.

Nigel Lithgoe at American Idol is refreshing by comparison.

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