We're having a baby: Now where are the shoelaces?

What a wonderful baby Wheels is.

She broke Shyla's water this morning two minutes before Nick's shift ended at Walmart.

It was 7 a.m.; a civilized time. On Scott's day off.

An ambulance was dispatched. They asked us for towels and a shoe lace -- just in case.

Question: don't you think the paramedics should come equipped with their own shoe laces? Also, how come we didn't have to boil water?

These are questions that will keep me up at night.

We drove behind the ambulance and found free parking.

It's a Sunday!

We left Shyla and Nick so we could come home and do Nick's laundry because he'd left it until the last minute.

He also forgot the video camera I'd bought him just for this occasions.

So there will be stills only.

Some things never change.

Breakfast, laundry, making a nice dinner for the family.

Awaiting the news.

God, it's great being a grandparent.

Bragging rights with no heavy lifting.


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