Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Lise St-Denis: Her tongue is too big for her mouth

I hate to rain on Bob Rae's parade but I don't think the defector is much of a catch.

For those who have read the papers today, I'm speaking about Lise St-Denis, the New Democrat who "stunned" -- that's the word the Globe used -- the NDP by playing musical chairs in the House of Commons.

I'm always suspicious of turncoats.

Let us not forget Jack Horner. Or Belinda Stronach.

Turncoats expect special treatment. If they join the party in power, they expect a Cabinet post.

I'm not sure what Saint Lise is going to get from the Liberals. A crappier office. A better table at Hy's.

But dern-tootin' she'll be expecting something.

Aside from the fact that Saint Lise is a turncoat, she showed now class whatsoever in telling people she's leaving the Party because "Jack Layton is dead".

That showed an incredible lack of class.

As Colin Linden once crooned: "Her tongue is too big for her mouth".

The Liberals are not so desperate that they should take just anybody to bulk up the numbers.

Looking at Bob Rae, one would have thought he was the preverbial cat who just swallowed the canary.

Methinks the cat might have checked the canary first to make sure she didn't have worms.

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