Friday, 27 January 2012

Heartless Harper sticks it to the grannies

Stephen Harper is considering raising the age Canadians can receive the Old Age Security benefit from 65 to 67.

I have questions:

Shouldn't he have mentioned this little detail in the Conservative platform during the election?

Do you think this will play well with the traditional Conservative constituency that skews a tad old on the demographic scale?

Has the Prime Minister developed a case of dementia?

Has he paid his bodyguards?

This is how our fearless leader thanks the millions of boomers who have worked hard and paid high taxes over the past forty years.

This is how he repays Canadians who do not have pension plans. Canadians working in low income, back-breaking jobs that barely pay a living wage. Canadians who look forward to enjoying their senior years.

Not to mention the many women who have stayed home to raise their children, or who worked part-time so they can care for aging relatives.

Harper doesn't care about these Canadians.

Heartless Harper only cares about the bottom line.

What's the big problem, he asks. What's a couple more years at the end of the slide rule.

Shorten their lives so we can save a little more on health care.

Harper doesn't have to worry about the OAS. Like all the other MPs, he's got a gold plated pension that will make it all comfy for he and Laureen to serve out their final years.

You didn't get elected to the House of Commons? You didn't secure a Cash for Life Senate seat?

That's your problem.

I have a suggestion.

Why doesn't Heartless Harper and his minions on the Hill take one for the team and give their pansions back?

But he won't do that.

No sirree, Bob.

He's going to stick it to old folks who he thinks can't defend themselves.

Harper, that lilly livered little weasel, didn't even had the decency to float this what I'm hoping is a trial balloon on Canadian soil.

He had to got to Europe to do it.

It's high time we resurrected the Raging Grannies.

Get 'em on his case.

Harper would do well to take a page from Brian Mulroney's playbook.

Don't mess with the Grannies.

They will take you out.

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