Thursday, 12 January 2012

Happy Quarter Pounder, Stefan

A quarter of a century ago, I was spending this day at the Pasqua Hospital in Regina giving birth to my son Stefan Gary Robert Gagnier.

The expulsion didn't take long -- four hours -- but man, it hurt.

Back labor can be a bitch.

Since arriving on this planet, Stef has given me a few anxious moments -- like the time he came through the door and passed out in the mud room -- but mostly he has delivered much, much joy to my life.

When I was a single mom, Stef found himself in the position of being the man of the family. He walked the dogs, took out the garbage and was the calming influence in our crazy household. He was always level headed and kind.

Today, Stef has become a wonderful buddy to me and Scott. He loves to come over for dinner and watch some strange movie like Hobo With a Shotgun or Black Dynamite.

Otherwise, the three of us sit around playing video games, me with the 3DS in my hand, Scott on the big screen playing Call of Duty and Stef on his laptop playing the latest RPG.

Stef also likes to show us the latest YouTube video sensations like Epic Mealtime a show that involves boys building pork laden Christmas trees or eating the grossest meals made out of disgusting, high cholesterol goodies.

Here's a sample, if you dare.

Stef always comes in with a sixer in his backpack and a smile on his face.

He is funny and charming, everything a mother could hope for in a son and we love him dearly.

Happy birthday, Stef.

Can't wait to feed you tonight.

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