Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Getting older with not a second to waste

I was back at the Ottawa Hospital with Doris yesterday getting an assessment from her orthopedic surgeon about her still very damaged foot. Those of you who are following the never-ending saga of Bob and Doris will know that Doris broke her foot in five places going to the bathroom in October.

Since then, she's been closeted in her tiny apartment with her husband Bob who is down to 130 pounds from a fighting weight of 165 pounds. Bob has diabetes, lung issues, liver issues, mouth concerns, numb feet and hands that are, more or less, claws. Tomorrow, he goes for an MRI in hopes of discovering why he's lost most of what was left of his spare weight in a matter of a month or so.

I saw him yesterday, hobbling down to the parking garage to help Doris into my car. At just 65, Bob looks like he's 90. I sure hope his innards look better than his outside.

Spending time with some of my old Press Club friends is kind of like getting a visit from the ghost of Christmas future. I've lost a lot of old pals over the last year or so, and a few others are ailing in various states of illness.

My volunteer work with some of these oldsters makes me more resolute than ever that I must take care of myself now, and so I was back at the gymnasty today hopping up and down on the elliptical despite having a sprained foot. I'm so grateful to have a place to workout with machines that allow me to do a brisk cardio turn without putting too much pressure on my ligaments. I can't walk but, by God, I can pump my heart out on the rowing machine.

Most recently I've become acutely aware that despite eating right, working out and limiting my intake of spirits, life can turn on you in an instant. A bad fall down the stairs made me realize that I must be more vigilant in protecting my good health for as long as possible.

I have a little girl sitting here sleeping beside me who reminds me that I'm still needed and wanted in this life, and I have no intention of screwing this up. Should God swoop down and take me when I'm not looking, not much I can do about that. But I can do my level best to reduce any illness caused by personal stupidity.

To that end, I'm visiting my brand new doctor tomorrow to get baseline tests. I haven't had a mammogram, blood or urine tests, or anything other than an antibiotic in years.

My bad. Hope all goes well.

I still have work to do in this life, wisdom to impart, and love to give.

I haven't got a second to waste.

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