Monday, 16 January 2012

Liberal Party of Canada: Vote for the Worst

There's a popular website in the United States that encourages those voting in talent contests to "vote for the worst" contestant.

Vote for the Worst is raging success and has helped saddle popular shows like American Idol with under-achievers who are terrible and unrecordable singers, people who are so bad, I can barely remember their names. Remember that guy Taylor Hicks, the Steve Martin look-a-like, who punctuated his songs with the catchphrase "soul patrol"?

Vote For the started a revolution. Many candidates fell by the wayside. Adam Lambert and Chris Daughtry deserved to win, but were left shaking their locks while producers found themselves trying to produce "artists" that no one could take seriously.

Which brings me to my point, and I do have one.

I'm going to suggest that Vote for the Worst start a franchise in Canada in order that we may rig the Liberal leadership so Bob Rae wins.

Rae is a complete nob, so untrustworthy and unworthy that it leaves me breathless.

First, as NDP Premier, he did a hatchet job in Ontario. Even the unions hated him.

Then he pulled a switcheroo so that he could run a nasty little campaign to win the Liberal leadership.

How do you spell turncoat? R-A-E.

He lost, of course, to Iggy.

When Iggy capsized like an Italian luxury liner, there was Bob Rae waiting to catch the crown. He said he wanted to be Liberal leader, then started a campaign to merge the NDP with the Liberals.

Then he said he would take the leadership but would only serve as interim leader. Now he's saying he wants the party to change the rules so he can be permanent leader (and continue his quest to merge the Liberal Party with the NDP).

Party values and principles?


Truth be told Rae only wants a merger so he can get into a mudwrestling contest with our fearless leader, the Rt. Hon. Stephen Harper. Also because Arlene wants to live in a mansion.

Like Taylor Hicks before him, the Bobster does have some good qualities, including a full head of hair.

He's also terrific speaker (although he sounds eerily like Joe Clark) and he might even be a nice enough guy.

But like Soul Patrol, he ain't no national leader. And unlike the rest of the sad pack, he ain't no Liberal, either.

As I look at Bob Rae, I can't get the mantra out of my head.

Liar, Liar, pants on fire.

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