Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Joe Bodolai's last blog: suicide in bullets

If you were going to take your life, would you blog about it first?

That's what comic writer and producer Joe Bodolai did.

In the realm of suicide notes, it's pretty good. Suicide in bullets.

A template really.

Here's what he said.

He wrote his suicide blog as if he were creating a listing for Linked In, or putting down the pros and cons of dating a girl.

Man, this guy was one mad MOFO.

You may not have known Joe, but you will know him now. The blog has gone viral, now that Joe is worm food.

Before he wrote it, he was a highly successful comedy writer, a man who wrote for Saturday Night Live and, as he notes, got punted by Lorne Michaels. He also got screwed, according to him, by Ivan Fecan, Sandra Faire and the entire Canadian funny television establishment.

Booted out the door. The genius behind Canada's Comedy Channel.

According to Joe.

He got Geminis for writing for Canadian television. He re-imagined Comics. He went before the CRTC to get a licence for the Comedy Channel.

But television can be a cruel taskmaster.

Success didn't last forever.

Even in Canada, where you can be a big fish in a small pond, and live nicely off grants from the government.

He got replaced.

He then took his genius down the road to L.A. and bombed there.

And he was bitter about it.

He wanted revenge.

So he wrote a blog and then took his life.

And now everybody's talking.

Pretty good as a final act.

Too bad comedy was more important than life for Joe Bodolai, a man who loved, who sired children, a man with friends.

Instead of reaching out, or hearing his friends shouting on the airwaves that "life gets better", Joe reached for his blog.

Ended it there.

How sad.

Blogging is a lonely endeavour. It can be a trap when you're left alone with your own thoughts.

And a bottle of Scotch.

It's not always good to live in your head.

Maybe he should have picked up the phone instead.

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