Monday, 19 December 2011

Harper and the gun registry: Register this!

Ask the cops, and they'll tell you that the long gun registry has saved lives -- their own.

Whenever a cop goes into a difficult domestic situation or responds to a call that someone is holding a hostage, it's good to know how many firearms are in that household. There have been RCMP officers who have walked into these kind of situations, with absolutely no information, and had their heads blown off.

So for that reason alone, the long gun registry should have been retained.

But, we all know it won't be.

If Stephen Harper has his way, and you know he will, not only will there be no registry but all the records will be burned.

Nothing we can do about it. The people of Canada has spoken. They've given their favorite dictator carte blanche to destroy everything that is good and decent in this society.

And send young folk to prison for smoking a doobie on their porch.

No point flogging a dead horse, right?

But do the Tories have to rub our noses in it?

Word today is that the Conservative party has launched a new radio and online campaign to let Canadians know that the long-gun registry is about to go.

The radio advertisement features a couple talking about the registry’s demise in casual conversation, and also giving a thumbs-up to the Tories for following through on their campaign promise to scrap the registry.

The launch of the ad on Sunday is coupled with the official launch of a website,

“Hey, honey. So, it’s almost gone,” a woman says in the ad.

“What is?” a man responds.

“The wasteful long-gun registry,” she says.


Why are the Harperites spending our money to advertise the demolition of the registry, when many Canadians are not in favor of the legislation?

It really makes my blood boil.

This is further evidence of a government that has taken control freakishness to an all time level. I simply cannot understand why they bother with these ads other than to pander to their own constituency.

It's especially distasteful in light of the recent shooting of four young people in Alberta at the hands of a jealousy-driven, possibly alcohol-fueled, spurned lover who was all of 20 years old.

Rural folk will argue that guns are for shooting gophers. They will say the government has no business in their business.

Perhaps the families of those dead young people will disagree.

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