Friday, 25 November 2011

The Almighty and Steve Jobs


My friend Suzanne got a sign yesterday, God's way of telling her to slow down and pay attention to her life.

Perhaps she was getting ready for Christmas, or a regular visit from her grandson, Bam Bam. Maybe she was getting set to direct a nativity pageant.

She posted on Facebook yesterday that she had accidentally dropped her iPhone into the john.

"I was setting it down when I tripped over the rug, so it kinda became like an iphone curling rock and just slid right off the counter, perfect bulls-eye."

Fortunately, the iPhone still worked, though she admitted it had now acquired an "ick" factor. She urged her compadres not to text or phone her until she had Brillo brushed it clean. Have I mentioned that Suzanne is a germaphobe?

I have a question.

What call was so important at 6:30 a.m. that it couldn't wait for the morning constitutional? Perhaps her husband Norman was on another field trip to the Caribbean and had a small window of time in which to communicate with her.

Suzanne had obviously struggled to balance the call of nature and the call of nurture.

And the iPhone paid the price.

The Angry Birds won't be quite so angry. Perhaps a bit sluggish.

The pigs might win after all.

It got me thinking about how tied were are to technology. We wouldn't admit it, but it's safe to say that most of us have taken the phone into the can at one time or another.

I saw a germ story on Anderson Cooper the other day, and an expert had found flecks of poo on both his glasses and his cellphone.

If Anderson's doing it, we all are.

Fortunately for Suzanne, she is a woman of God.

She realized that God had been trying to send her a message and she was too busy multitasking.


In the final epic battle between the Almighty and Steve Jobs, God will win every time.

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