Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Craig Oliver to replace Seamus O'Regan on Canada AM

As if the CTV National News wasn't fabulous enough, there is word this morning that Seamus O'Regan will be joining the program starting Monday.

Apparently, he will be doing a regular segment spotlighting other fabulous people.

Like Ben Mulroney.

Okay, Craig Oliver isn't replacing him, but he should be.

Ginger needs a new gig to take him into his 90s, and a stint on AM would supplement the Old Age Pension quite nicely.

I mean nobody ever leaves CTV, right?

Uncle Lloyd is still doing standup at W5, never quite answering the first W.


Rod Black checked out of the AM Soundstage a few years ago, only to be resurrected at CTV covering the lycra and lace figure skating circuit, surrendering his God given good looks and talent for a gig comparing cod pieces to pantyhose.

Seems to me that the last one who got out alive from CTV was Norm Perry.

Unless you count all those CTV rejects in the Senate.

And poor Craig, well, he's too friggin' old for the Senate.

The suits at CTV are going to have to put him somewhere. Canada AM is perfect. All he needs is an earpiece.

Why has network news here and in the US become such an old bones graveyard?

Andy Rooney had to be on death's door before he retired. Morley Safer and Leslie Stahl aren't too far behind him.

And don't get me started about Barbara Walters.

Retire already.

We have Katie and Diane. We don't need Barbara anymore.

Here in Canada, the median age at the Ottawa Bureau of CTV National News is about 57 years old if you count in Craig on one side of the slide rule and that little upstart Danielle Hamamjian on the other.

They aren't much younger at CBC, with Peter Mansbridge trading PSA results with Rex Murphy every evening.

Only Global has the good sense to hire youngin's to read the news. But nobody watches Global News outside of the GTA, anyway, so it doesn't count.

It must be very discouraging to be a young person in network news. Sort of like a bunch of Joans sitting around, smoking, in the secretarial pool on Mad Men.

And it's going to get even worse.

Lisa Laflamme is only in her mid-40s, so that means it will be thirty years before she gives up her chair.

Unless, of course, she gets a Senate seat.

Anyway, congratulations to Seamus. Let 'er rip.

Here is a picture of Seamus and his husband from their summer wedding. What a lovely couple.



  1. Not to diagree..but..didn't like the way global seemed to cut the throat of my homeboy...or hometown boy...Robert Fisher...pretty shabby treatment..to an outsider...he's dumped they bring in a pretty boy...

    1. I went to school with Bob Fisher. Didn't realize they dumped him. He was awesome.

  2. Hi Rose
    Bob took a stand..and global chopped off his head...from wikipedia words most trusted name in dictionaries..lol...Fisher worked for CBC Television in the 1980s until taking a job with the Global Television Network. While at Global, he hosted the weekend newsmagazine Focus Ontario on CIII in the 1980s and 1990s. He was also the network's Queen's Park bureau chief.[1] He was fired from Global in 2000 after criticizing what he perceived as the network's shift toward infotainment reporting.

    CNN most trusted name...I had to email them Friday as they were running..as breaking news...a wack job driving 185kph on motorcycle in british columbia...the story was from April..they stopped running the story after my email..but who knows..maybe they figured it out themselves...Fox news ran a photo of john travolta and john gotti jr..during massage gate..i pointed out having no byline under photo would tend to make some think gotti was the massosuse(sic)they took down the photo and ran one of just johnny boy..

  3. He is an afternoon news anchor on CBLA, CBC Radio One's station in Toronto, appears on most of the network's Ontario stations as a political analyst, and files occasional science news reports, under the pseudonym "Dr. Fisher", for the network's flagship interview program As It Happens.