Thursday, 24 November 2011

Canada AM: The Mom Show

So it comes down to this.

Marci Ien is the new co-host of Canada AM.

At first, I thought they were kidding.

But no.

The dumb news reader is going to be interviewing Canada's newsmakers every morning. Well, at least she can pronounce their names.

Obviously, the brain trust couldn't find a living, breathing male in this country -- not even another fabulous one -- to get up with the paper boy to give us our news.

They've already used up their bullpen. Rod Black. Dan Matheson.

Keith Morrison.

Being CTV, they wanted somebody already on contract with a no-inflation clause in their contract.

No wonder they didn't do a big reveal.

They were revealing that they were recycling.

Once again.

They just didn't want to spend the money.

Nobody wants to get up that early. Nobody wants to compete with Good Morning America. Or Breakfast Television on CITY-TV.

It's a puzzle. Seamus announced he was leaving two weeks ago and I guess they all went "meh", then Tuesday realized action was required.

So they called Marci who was on mat leave and said: "Can you come in a little early? We don't have anybody else."

Instead of doing a thoughtful search, instead of doing focus testing, the geniuses just reached across the desk and grabbed the closest viz-min.

This is sad news for my morning workout.

I was never that impressed with Seamus, but I got used to him. I didn't even mind Dan Matheson, but Marci Ien?


Stephen Harper will eat her alive.

Not that Canada AM has been a great spot for scintillating journalism. It's more about cooking with the Podlieski sisters and testing toys.

Now it's going to be worse.

Way worse.

It's not Canada AM anymore.

It's the MOM Show.

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