Sunday, 23 October 2011

The three mile diet

Going to the Ottawa Farmer's Market is like going to the casino. Even if you leave your credit cards at home, you still blow 60 bucks in half an hour.

Not only that, but you come home with some pretty expensive stuff you would never buy in the grocery store, and not much food.

Today, we snapped up lamb shanks, hot sauce, unfiltered cider vinegar, enough garlic to ostracize every single employee at National Defence Headquarters and a 20 pound bag of onions.

So, if we are very lucky we'll be able to make one meal and give everyone onion pie for Christmas.

We could have bought a mountain of vegetables for our money, but how much fun can you have with a tree of brussel sprouts, anyway?

I saw a really cute little knitted hat for Wheels, but I'd already blown my money on the St.Lucien hot sauce and the vinegar.

There you go.

So much for the three mile diet I was trying to organize.

Oh well.

It was part of an experiment we tried. We've been thinking we've been in a rutinski. Me, blogging, exercising and napping. Scott playing Batman on the PS 3.

We're out to try new activities every Sunday, yes, Virginia even church. So this was our first outing.

I liked it. I liked meeting the people -- the Glebites in their polar fleece mixing it up with the granola eating farmers wearing hand-knitted socks with their Birkies. Or was it the other way round?

Next week, if we have some coin, we're going back and have the farmers slaughter us some fancy animals for our Sunday dinner. We'll have braised elk with some strange looking cheese and organic bean soup.

And we'll insist that everyone comes dressed as an Alpaca.

How does that sound?

I feel good about supporting our local farmers.

But I have one question: where in the Ottawa Valley do they grow Niagara grapes?

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