Sunday, 30 October 2011

Dear Skylar: Love letters to an unborn child

A few weeks back, I contemplated writing a new blog called "We're Having a Baby" about our journey into hands-on grandparenthood.

Several months ago, we agreed to rent the downstairs of our house to my son Nick and his pregnant girlfriend Shyla, and to help out with the initial rearing of our yet-unborn granddaughter, Skylar.

Fortunately for my bleeders, I thought better of it.

I still cringe at many of the columns I wrote over my seven years as a columnist for the Regina Leader-Post. A lot of my blabber related to raising my three young children in a place where people used to smell like corn on the cob when they showered. (I'm told the water filtration is much better these days.)

I find mommy bloggers to be tiresome, for the most part -- like they invented procreation, child expulsion and diaper management.

But you may find my son Nick's blog interesting. It's called Dear Skylar.

The blog contains letters he is writing to his unborn child.

Nick got the idea from a story I wrote for the Ottawa Citizen about getting to know my gone-too-soon dad through letters he wrote to my mother during the war. My son thought it would be good to leave something for his daughter should he meet my father's fate and die too young.

It's an interesting, yet creepy idea.

I hope you enjoy it. Let me know what you think.

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