Tuesday, 25 October 2011

A boy and his dog

I hate the World Series and I don't mind saying it.

It clogs up the entire television lineup. What makes it worse is that it's on Fox which means that House was pre-empted last night. It's also interfering with my quality watching of Simon Cowell in his undershirt.

I have a question: why do all Brit men of a certain age wear the shirts on the outside they are supposed to wear on the inside? Paul Abdul told Anderson Cooper a couple weeks back that Simon wears those flimsy little shirts because he likes to rub his nipples while he watches the nubile contestants on his shows.

That's just creepy.

But what about Ricky Gervais? What's with Ricky Gervais and the black undershirt?

Word. It's not flattering on a pug-nosed chub.

Put some clothes on for Christ's sake.

Anyway, the World Series has done FX Canada a favor. Since there was nothing else on last night, I decided to give a look-see to the newest offering on premium cable.

And it was, in a word, fantastic.

First, I watched American Horror Story, which comes to us from the showrunner from Glee --but don't hold that against the show. I got to watch dead babies, Nathaniel Fisher's mom have unprotected sex with Dylan MacDermid and at least twenty shows of Dylan's derriere.


Next came Wilfred, a wacky Australian rip-off starring that googly little hobbit Elijiah Wood. It's about a suicidal dude who sees the neighborhood dog as a beer-swilling, bong tooting, fornicating man dressed in a ratty dog suit.

I know. It sounds stupid, but it rocks.

Then, came The League, which is about a Jewish fantasy football league, a bunch of guys and a girl who make porn on the side. Seth Rogan's in it.

So I'm actually here to thank Major League Baseball for ruining the schedule, and giving me another reason not to watch Fox.

FX Canada will be available on cable starting on Hallowe'en. Check it out.

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