Sunday, 24 July 2011

The Amy Winehouse Lost Tapes

While I'm on the subject of Amy Winehouse, I find it unbelievable that rocks stars and other famous folk, people like Ronnie Wood and Kelly Osbourne, are expressing "shock" at her death.

It's not like it was Justin Bieber or Donnie Osmond.

We're talking a woman who has been photographed walking through the streets of London with blood all over her feet and track marks on her arms. I went looking for a photograph of Amy, and, in the first one I found, she was sucking on a bong like it was a Jet Pop.

All the Hollywood rag shows are quoting stars, who have never met the darling girl, about what a great talent she was. They all say what a tragedy it was and they "knew she had problems".

Images of Amy shooting up, falling down, vomiting, bleeding from a variety of orifices and dribbling coke out her nose have already filled an entire hard-drive over at TMZ. That, obviously, is beside the point.

People! She was a junkie.

In her last recorded appearance, Amy is standing on a stage with another musical starlet, weaving back and forth and trying to sing a chorus. She didn't appear to know where she was.

There have been literally hundreds of Amy Winehouses who have found themselves on the wrong side of needle, and there will be many more. Like them, Amy didn't have much of a catalogue, so I'm sure the musicologists will be combing You Tube and music studios from here to Barbados looking for the "lost Amy Winehouse tapes" but from what I've seen, most will involve her sitting on a toilet or using it for alternative purposes.

With Back to Black, she was a one trick pony, another wannabee who has now turned into used-to-be.

The music industry can be a hard taskmaster for people who are not prepared for its pitfalls. But I'm thinking Amy was already on a slow boat outta here before she reached the age of majority.

Her greatest hit, it turned out, was her addiction.

It is, ultimately, what made her famous.

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