Friday, 25 September 2015

CTV Ottawa: Blonde Ambition

Today, Bell Media continued its scorched Earth policy by canning popular anchor Carole Anne Meehan. I wrote this piece a while ago. Sorry to see you go, Carole Anne!

It started off as a little living room humor.

Watching the nightly news, I saw this splitscreen and took a photo of it.

"Guess they let all the brunettes go at CTV Ottawa," I said to my husband, and then tweeted. "CTV's inclusive hiring policy."

But then I thought about it.

Not only does CTV Ottawa have no brunettes on camera anymore except for Lee Anne Cusak who has been obviously grandmothered. There aren't any black people, or Asian people, anymore.

Not long ago, there was John Hua (Asian) who was let go. Then there was Stefan Keyes (black) who is no longer on the payroll. Vanessa Lee (Asian) has also moved on to greener pastures at the main net. Way back when, there was Kim Brunhuber who is now the Los Angeles hair and teeth for CBC.

But they're all gone and are being replaced by FemBots with Farrah Fawcett locks.

Each and every new hire is female and looks like the two in the picture above. Annie Bergeron Oliver (blonde, Craig's daughter), Patricia Boal  (blonde), Katie Griffin (blonde), Leah Laroque (blonde). There are also holdovers like Carolyn Waldo (blonde), Joanne Schnurr (blonde), Catherine Lathem (blonde). The difference between the older ones and the newer ones is the older ones have blonde bobs including the new weather lady Trisha Owens and anchor Carole Anne Meehan who got much blonder over the summer.

It's as if Rinaldo got a sweet deal on Vidal Sassoon Platinum Number Five.

The rule doesn't seem to apply to the dudes across the board. Sure Eric Longley and Joel Haslam are blonde, but newbie Matt Skube has dark hair, as does Mike O'Byrne and Terry Marcotte. Anchor Graham Richardson has grey hair and JJ Clark has no hair. But they're all male anchors.

If you want further evidence, check out the bios. Please note former brunette reporter Claudia Catillo has been moved to the assignment desk.

Is there are conspiracy?

Ok, seriously, why should we care?

If you go over to CBC, the place is full to the rafters of people of all races and  quite a few with varied sexual orientation. Even the mothership, CTV, ensures that their reporters, anchors and commentators represent the rainbow.

So how come CTV Ottawa, which is in the Nation's Capital, is so blonde obsessed?

Why am I the only one who has noticed? Who is doing the hiring? Hugh Heffner?

People need to complain.

The CTV Ottawa honchos can be reached here. 

You're welcome!


  1. You're not alone in noticing. Have you seen who Carol Anne was replaced with? A blonde with low-cut cleavage and blond hair. Coincidence? Nope. It's really a THING at CTV Ottawa. Disgusting.

  2. Noticed as well. Lee Anne Cusak could not have been grandfathered as Carol Anne Meehan was at CTV far longer. I won't stand for these kinds of practices and have boycotted CTV news since they fired Carol Anne.

  3. Exactly what would you want to complain about? C-A M never showed up for work all summer. P B is not boring. She is impartially reporting news. K G is an up and coming star. She is perfect. Quite honestly I could do without Melissa Lamb who really thinks the show is a fashion statement set up just for her.