Nigel Wright: Nice guys finish last in Ottawa

The only person in the Senate scandal that has managed to stay classy is Nigel Wright.
Nigel Wright made an error in judgement, as we know, but he only made one. Wait, maybe two.
He should have discussed the possibility of giving Mike Duffy $90k with the Prime Minister before he did it.
What if he had?
If he had, then Stephen Harper would have told him not to do it.
I believe that to be true.
But Nigel Wright most likely felt sorry for Mike Duffy. As is evident in the emails released by Duff, Nigel believed that the old windbag was just doing what other Senators had been doing for decades -- fudging the books for their own gain. I'm sure when the Auditor-General has a gander at a few other Senators, he will be not surprised to find that they, too, had abused their expenses and living allowances. Already, the Prime Minister's gal Friday Carolyn Stewart Olsen is in trouble.
I suspect, nope, I know a few Liberals who have also used the hallowed office of the Senate to campaign on behalf of the Party. I will not name them. They know who they are and must be quaking in their little red booties as we speak.
A bit in his defence, Mike Duffy had followed the rules as he was advised of them. And he also followed the marching orders of one transplanted Albertan by flying all around the country flacking for the Tories. Until Duffy was caught by Bob Fife and his henchwomen over at CTV.
When the gig was up, the Prime Minister told Nigel to make Duffy go away.
So Nigel talked to Duffy and Duffy said he didn't have the money.
Nigel knew better than to go to Harper who would have said exactly this: "Who cares? Run him over anyway."
But Nigel Wright is, by all accounts a nice guy. He couldn't do this to Duffy, so he bankrolled him.
Problem solved.
Again, until his good intentioned misdeed was discovered.
That's when he got the boot from the PMO.
In retrospect, he must realize he should have talked to Mr. Never Wrong.
Duffy would then have been Harper's problem.
Nigel Wright is a smart cookie, but he didn't know Ottawa.
Nice guys finish last in Ottawa.


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