Thursday, 4 July 2013

Pick your own out of somebody's backyard and not get arrested for it

Do love fresh picked fruit?
How about getting to pick some for yourself -- for free -- and donate the rest so that other Ottawa families can share in the wealth?
Well have I got a deal for you.
If you're willing to do a little gardening and picking in exchange, you can sample all the luscious fruit and nuts that are available on tree growing around Ottawa, trees that aren't spoken for! The group is called Ottawa Hidden Harvest and it is dedicated to renewing the environment and making sure that precious fruit and nuts don't go to waste. What's more, you'll learn all kinds of cool stuff about tree planting.

I'll let them speak for themselves. You have to sign up so hurry!

More than 70 trees and shrubs of 30 different species were planted two years ago in a permaculture yard near Pleasant Park and Alta Vista to contribute to the landscape through edible crops, shade, and nutrients.
Join us as we talk with Sean Butler, yard designer, for a discussion on the planning stages, then take a tour of this not-so-average backyard to check on the trees progress!
We'll follow the tour by all rolling up our sleeves to tame a few undesirable plants (virginia creeper, goutweed, and more)
  • What food trees and shrubs are doing well? What isn't doing as well as hoped?
  • Theory vs reality of creating a food forest, discussions with two permaculturists with plenty of hands-on experience
  • How to turn the "problem" of rapidly spreading wild plants ("weeds" or "invasives") into the solution - free mulch and biomass to build your soil!
You will have the opportunity to chat with other tree-enthusiasts and ask any tree questions you might have, and take away learnings that may inform tree planting choices in your yard, or around the city.
Note: spots are limited, sign up soon. More info @

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