Thursday, 1 December 2011

The Xploit Factor

Did anyone see the X Factor last night?

Simon Cowell and his merry band decided to continue to exploit the legend of Michael Jackson by doing a tribute to him, as part of the show. Each singer was asked to reimagine a Michael Jackson song in hopes of winning the hearts and minds of viewers.

This would have been alright, I suppose, except they decided to enlist the Jackson family in the tribute. The audience was full of Jacksons, including Grandma Katherine, three of the original Jackson Five, and Jackson's three children.

This, just days after Dr. Conrad Murray was convicted of helping Jackson kill himself with propofol.

The children were paraded in front of the public, looking very much like deer in the heaadlights. None of them cracked a smile, and little Blanket looked like he was ready to burst into tears whenever the camera did a Jackson reaction shot.

I myself wanted rip Simon's cashmere shirt off his back.

These are not "tributes" to Michael Jackson. They are a means of making more money off his legacy.

Anyone who followed Jackson knew that he kept his children out of the spotlight, covering their faces, keeping them close. Jackson knew better than anyone the high cost of fame and I don't think he would have allowed such a spectacle if he were alive.

Evidently, the family Jackson is simply carrying on their tradition of using the children as moneymakers for the empire. So they haul out Prince, Paris and Blanket like circus freaks at every opportunity.

Everyone associated with that show last night should be ashamed of themselves.

Let those poor children alone. They have not yet gotten over the trauma of losing their only parent or being in the room to watch him die at the hands of an incompetent, dangerous and avaricious doctor.

Haven't they been through enough?

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