Friday, 9 December 2011

The X Factor: Why blue pussycat?

Last night's edition of The Xpoit Factor gave the term "over the top" new meaning. Did you see it?

Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger had a breakdown on national television after she threw poor Rachel Crowe to the wolves. And Rachel looked as if she was going to stroke out. Hope they've got their health insurance paid up.

This show is ridiculous.

It isn't about the "talent". It's about which of the judges can throw the biggest hissy fit when their mentees get the boot. They don't judge on talent; they judge on turf.

L.A. (Little Ass) Reid is only on the show to beat Simon Cowell at his own game. Cowell expects everyone to do what Simon says, otherwise he starts to get the lip on. Paula Abdul still doesn't know where she is, and Nicole acts as if she's having a permanent nervous breakdown.

Cuckoo! Cuckoo!

And where did they get that guy Steve Jones? His plastic is starting to show!

It makes me long for American Idol. At least in the case of American Idol, they don't build the show around the judges.

Oh, look! It's Simon Cowell's yacht, boy, he must be really rich. Oh, look! Paula and Nicole are wearing the same sparkly dress; they look like twins separated by a foot and a half.

And somebody forgot to add a skirt!

It's exhausting and frustrating to watch this show.

It's pretty clear the Xploit Factor isn't about viewers, anyway. It's a show that sponsors pay to let producers like Cowell and Reid do their talent scouting for free.


Okay, I'll admit, I'm just a slightly bit bitter. I wanted little Rachel to win so she could finally have her own bathroom.

Now, she'll go home and have to share the soap with her adopted sister. That would make any 14-year-old turn into a drug addict. Ask Asstro!

I have one favorite left.

Chris Rene.

Vote for him next week, please! His parents can't afford another stint for him in rehab.

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