Friday, 9 December 2011

Laureen Harper: Baton girl

There's a story today that Laureen Harper will be conducting a free Christmas concert with the National Arts Centre orchestra.

The fact that she's not a musician or has never been a conductor doesn't seem to matter. (If I'd been the main conductor, I'd be worried that if the job is this easy, I'd soon be out of a gig.)

Who on Earth would want to see this crap?

Now, I'm not much of an orchestra fan -- the first time I went, I told one of the musicians I knew all the songs from Bugs Bunny and Roadrunner cartoons -- and concerts of these kind always put me to sleep. But watching Laureen Harper twirl the baton would be like watching her husband playing pro hockey with the Senators.

Both, I'm sure would fall on their asses.

Let's face it: Prime Ministerial wives are useless appendages, with the exception of say, Mo McTeer, who actually had a professional job as a lawyer. But even McTeer was dumbed down upon taking up the key to 24 Sussex, writing books on decorating instead of taking crooked landlords to court.

Margaret Trudeau was good for a laugh, but now that she's the face of mental illness, well the gag's getting pretty old.

I liked Mrs. Martin and Mrs. Chretien because they stayed in the background and didn't make nuisances of themselves. Frankly, I think Mrs. C was the brains behind da little guy, but she was content to keep her mouth shut and smile pretty for the camera.

Prime Ministerial wives have it pretty good, so why do they need to make spectacles of themselves?

I mean, Harper hates the NAC and will probably have to be caught with a meat hook and dragged there. Why must they inflict the pain on the musical public?

Is the NAC so desperate to sell tickets that it has to rely on the kindness of members of the Conservative Party to pre-purchase season tickets to this gag fest? (Remember: the PMO is watching!)

I'm not going to see it.

I bet you won't want to, either.

Stuff that in your tuba and blow.

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