Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Hey Rogers: Where's my stinking tablet?

Time for a festive rant.

Is anyone else offended by the Rogers commercial, the one starring a pasty faced, materialistic ginger who is scheming to get that brand new tablet as a gift?

He's wrapping presents and turns to his wife. "If I get the two cell phones for the kids, then daddy gets the brand new tablet that he always wanted".

"Or mommy does," comes the retort from his smarmy wife.

The guy's shut down.

Hilarity ensues.

I hate these Christmas ads, the ones that try to convince people that materialism is a virtue.

Two for one eye glasses for the holidays from New Look. Those Best Buy commercials with the flabby sales guys jumping up and down pretending to be kids. Hold, hold, hold the payments with Leon's.

We all know that Christmas is about maxing out the credit card.

I just wish companies weren't so blatant about their motives.

The advertising agencies should also be fired for being so bereft of imagination.

Personally, I like the Canadian Tire commercial, the one with the little old lady who never sees her kids. She laments to her daughter that she hasn't seen her sons for a while, and then...surprise! They're all at Granny's and they've decorated the tree.

That one is meant to make us feel guilty.


Canadian Tire's commercial isn't any more realistic than the rest.

A real granny would give the daughter shit for a surprise like this. She would crustily complain that she didn't have any notice. She'd already shipped the presents. Or she didn't do any holiday baking.

The commercial makes me wonder what would have happened to her if the kids hadn't shown up. Maybe she would have died on the floor, felled by a heart attack, and have been eaten by wild dogs.

Who knows? Who cares?

But I give Canadian Tire credit for trying to inject a little sentimentality into the Christmas season, like an old time Bing Crosby special.

I give Canadian Tire two thumbs up for reminding us all that Christmas is about get togethers, about family, about presence not presents.

The Rogers commercials do the opposite.

I hope that couple gets a divorce.

Maybe I'll shop at Canadian Tire this Christmas.

Show my support for sentiment.

You won't see me at the Rogers store.

Not because I hate their commercials, which I do.

Because Rogers has all my money anyway.

Home phone. Premium cable. Two cell phones. Internet.

I have a question.

What ever happened to rewarding customer loyalty?

Where's my stinking tablet?

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  1. Waaa waaaa waaaaaaaahhhhhhh! I hate commercials...I'm a big crybaby!!!