Friday, 4 November 2011

Why farmers think Harper is a douche

I saw this in the newspaper today and felt it worth repeating:

In the next 60 days, the Conservative Government is going to eliminate the Canadian Wheat Board. As a result, thousands of farmers will be left on their own to negotiate their price against giant American multinational grain companies.

This is a recipe for failed farms, lower prices for farmers and ultimately, American control of a Canadian industry.

Important facts:

-- 62% of farmers voted in a plebiscite for wheat to keep the Canadian Wheat Board.

-- By law, Prime Minister Harper must put the dismantling of the CWB to a vote amongst farmers. He has not.

-- The CWB has been a strong voice for farmers and delivered superior financial returns to farmers for over 75 years.

--In accordance with NAFTA, if the CWB is dismantled, it can never be brought back.

Prime Minister Harper wants the CWB dismantled by Christmas.

Speak up for farmers and take action TODAY.

If you think the Prime Minister is a douchebag, as I do, for doing this, text FARMER to 24680. You can also visit this link:

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  1. I normally enjoy your postings, but I really can't agree with you on this one. I have yet to meet one grain producer that actually gets anywhere close to what is charged by the Wheat Board for a ton of wheat. What is the problem with regional farmers organizing in a Co-Op and selling their produce at the highest rate? We are supposed to live in a free-market economy, but so much of it is price-fixed that it doesn't work. I keep remembering the case of the Sask farmer who found he could sell truckloads of (wheat/barley/can't remember now) into the US market that he drove a load over the border. Even though he made significantly more than he would have selling to the Wheat Board, when they found out about the clandestine shipment they charged him. Aside from the horror that is the Milk Marketing Board, why does no other foodstuff need a cartel to make it profitable?